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Being able to worship God and Jesus is such a privilege. The Psalms are an incredible mixture of awe, love, kindness, desperation, seeking justice, overcoming broken hearts, deliverance, overcoming fear, facing adversity, rejoicing, praising, the list goes on. I find it incredibly raw and beautiful because it is a true reflection of our humanity and His greatness and how we interact together.

Worship is not about just going to church on Sundays and singing songs about a Creator who has distanced Himself from us. It is about our journey with Him and about seeking Him in all circumstances and praising Him and thanking Him no matter what comes our way. We come to Him at our worst and our best, in our greatest struggles and our greatest victories. It is a daily experience as we breathe in and out and see all that is around us and marvel at Who created it, as we do that, we are actually entering into His courts with Praise. That means we are actually in His physical presence.

For me when I am singing or praying to my King it quietens my heart and gives me a chance to focus on Him and not everything else around me. Finding opportunities to Worship Him in peace and quiet are wonderful but I have learned that it is so much better to not just wait for those rare moments and to worship Him even in the chaos. Taking opportunities wherever I can to just acknowledge who He is and how much I love Him.

I have this picture in my mind’s eye of me being in His throne room, and I am being held and comforted by Him. Sometimes I am curled up in His lap with His arms wrapped around me, sometimes I am praising Him, or crying out to Him for help, or weeping at His feet as I cry out for justice. I think sometimes I probably look more like a whimpering frazzled mess as everything overwhelms me. And as I spend my precious moments with Him it feels as though He is picking me up and dusting me off and then He is helping me to see what the next step should be as He cheers me on as I get back in the fray. There are so many moments we each go through as we worship Him and God delights in each and every one. And there is so much Love. He cares for us in our brokenness and desires to help us get out of the messes we are in and He helps place our feet upon the rock which is Him. Spending time with Him helps accomplish that.

Worship is also an expression of our love for Our Heavenly Daddy and His outpouring of love in return. It can come in so many forms; quiet reflection, praising, prayer, singing, dancing, crying our eyes out and calling on Him, showing kindness and love to others, forgiving, serving, helping, the list is probably inexhaustible. It is about doing life with Him and involving Him in every moment, He really does care about us that much! Worship is one of the most sacred and precious bonds we can nurture with Him. And we are able to have this because of what Jesus did for us by sacrificing Himself so we could be reunited with God once more. He conquered death so we could have life and no longer be separated from Him. That my friends is pretty awe inspiring.

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